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best electric guitar under $2500

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Bottom Line: The beautiful thing about Fender Telecasters is that due to the long history of production, there are many variations to choose from. There’s a tone volume and a pickup selector switch for the pickups. buying guide at the bottom of the page here. This guitar has two classic 1957 humbucking pickups for quality rock sounds. Boasting an impeccably wide sonic range, it’s easy to hear why Gibson’s flagship electric guitar continues to be at the forefront of live and recorded music to this day. These pickups ensure that the classic warm, punchy tone of the Les Paul is present in abundance. It is important to understand what is a classical guitar. Bottom Line: The ES-335 Pro is the latest in Epiphone’s long line of classic hollow-body guitars. These pickups produce a wide, fat tone with plenty of articulation in the mid-high frequencies. Filled with resonance and color, the G5420T has the trademarked Filter’Tron voice. Similarly, it provides guitarists with a more affordable way to experience the classic Fender models, without compromising on quality. I’ve gone through many expensive guitars at under $1500, so I know how confusing or even scary it can be to spend this much cash on a guitar. You could spend a lot more money and not get as much as you do with this shred machine. Neck Shape: Modern “C” Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: In terms of the electronics installed on the EX-256FM, ESP has chosen a pair of their humbucking pickups. Neck Shape: Set-In Another idea is to put the guitars in a spare room and have an extra lock installed which just makes it harder to steal the guitars. The interaction between the instrument and amplifier is arguably as pivotal. You can still practice with the acoustic and when required plug it in to an amp. Bottom Line: The Fender Jazzmaster is known for its unique ability to quickly switch between a refined, warm output and a powerful snarl. One of the more uncommon woods, this material adds a unique feel to the guitar. Neck: Mahogany Electric guitars are likely to have certain controls installed on them. With so many varieties available, it can be difficult to know which to choose. If you’re looking for a high-quality Telecaster for a decent price, this is the one to buy. Pickups: Fender Wide Range Humbuckers. They are used in several popular electric guitars and are renowned for producing a warm, immersive tone. Finish: Vintage Tint Gloss There are multiple kinds of wood commonly used for the body of an electric guitar. Home » Guitars » Electric Guitars » 25 Best Electric Guitars in 2020 (All Price Ranges). Finish: Gloss One of their better models is the Gibson USA Flying V HP 2017. $1500 for a full blow, USA made, Gibson electric guitar is a pretty incredible value. In terms of the sound it produces, Mahogany offers a warm, understated tone with dampened treble-frequencies. Fret Count: 22 The black textured hard shell has a vinyl finish, making it feel and look authentically grunge. The days of needing to mic up an amplifier and send it into an analog desk are long gone. The satin finish adds a glossy touch to the instrument. My Review: Known for his powerful style of guitar playing, most famously in the post-grunge band Creed, Mark Tremonti teamed up with PRS to create this multi-faceted SE solidbody. This combination is filled with character and attitude. Fret Count: 22 ESP E-II FRX/FM/RDB. Five of the Best Jazz Guitars. This can be rectified by either re-amping the guitar track retrospectively, or adding digital amplification within the DAW. Body Wood: Mahogany We picked these guitars based on two main criteria: their ‘uniqueness’ and the value of their feature set, construction and specs. Some are bright, some sound more dampened, and others produce more projection. The removable battery will last for miles and is easily charged with any household outlet. With a large 25″ scale length, there’s plenty of room for technical shredding! With signature gold hardware and an ebony finish, the Custom Classic Pro looks distinguished, to say the least. Fret Count: 22 Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: A pair of Player Series Alnico 2 humbucking pickups have been employed in the bridge and neck positions. Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. Small body guitars are great for fingerpickers in either blues, folk or even jazz styles. Popular amongst jazz, blues, and soul guitarists, humbuckers are great for melodic players who want the intimate tone of their instrument to shine through. Neck Shape: Thin “U” An electric guitar can be broken down into three sections: the body, neck, and fretboard. Ideal for crunching riffs, full-bodied chords, and thick textures, these pickups sound incredible. There’s a pair of tone pots and a master volume, along with a whammy bar for shredding out solos. Finish: Gloss Urethane Its unique, dark appearance is popular on all kinds of models. It has a light, classy appearance and ages naturally over time. The guitar you choose will interact differently with each amplifier, and when you consider pedals, the whole mixture needs to be compatible to create the tones you’re aiming for. This guitar is a nice vintage looking Les Paul, but it has a lot of great features that other Les Paul’s don’t have. The Gretsch G5425: another great electric guitar under $300. Guitar strings are generally made from composite metal, and each variety has different specifications. Yamaha RevStar RS420 (Best Under $500), 6. The Jaguar is a different looking guitar, but it’s very comfortable to play. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: A pair of Epiphone-designed ProBucker humbucking pickups are positioned on the bridge and neck of the Les Paul Custom. Fender American Professional Stratocaster is also available here, Fender Player Telecaster is also available here, Our Favorite Electric Guitars Under $1000, 14 Best Songs in Drop D Tuning (with Videos), 21 Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars in 2020, 12 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings in 2020 (All Price Ranges), 1. The C shaped neck profile has a 9.5″ radius, so fast playing is made much easier. The neck is maple and you also get an ebony fingerboard with 24 frets. The pickups are Noiseless single-coil Telecaster pickups, which reduce overall noise which is common with single coil pickups. If you’re in th market for a high-quality guitar that not only plays well, but has a … As audio technology continued to advance, the 60s and 70s became arguably the most innovative periods in music history, and the electric guitar was the spearhead. Build Materials: The materials used by Epiphone when constructing the ES-335 PRO include: a smooth mahogany neck that is highly playable, a maple and birch double-cut hollow-body, and a fast-playing Pau Ferro fingerboard with mother-of-pearl small block inlays. Buying a guitar under $2000 is a wise choice as you’ll have something you can enjoy for many years to come. The nut material is Graph Tech, a classy and practical addition. Although they don’t provide the high output of single-coils, these pickups are well-balanced and can go from smooth and sophisticated to snarly and aggressive in response to your playing dynamics. Even if you are an absolute beginner, this guide will help you decide which one to pick. My Review: The Squire Classic Vibe ’70s Jaguar provides guitarists with the authentic experience of playing one of Fender’s most sought-after guitars, without having to break the bank. If you wan to big vintage tone and want to sound like Eric Johnson, this Stratocaster has a lot to offer you. Fender creates some fantastic electric guitars and one of their sot famous brand sis the Telecaster which is played by famous players like Keith Richards as well as a ton of others. In terms of the tone produced, humbuckers are considered to be thicker sounding than single coils. Body Style: Dreadnought Take the time to decide before you buy and read up on the gear to determine if its what you truly want. Commonly, these woods are used to construct the neck, also. These humbuckers extract every ounce of resonance and character out of the tonewood mixture. To ensure that the quality of electric guitars hasn’t suffered as a result of the restrictions, exotic woods and other alternatives have become popular. Understated in appearance, this no-nonsense guitar is a great choice for musicians of all abilities. The market is crowded with so many best electric guitars under 2000 dollars. The name refers to “bucking the hum”, meaning canceling the unwanted noise. You will have fewer frustrations as a player if the guitar and other gear is easy to use and does what you want. Bottom Line: Every guitarist would love to get their hands on a genuine 1970s Telecaster, but this is simply not realistic for many. Used commonly in a guitarist’s formative periods, they must be able to experiment with different tones to gain a greater understanding initially. Higher-end/advance guitars cost between $1000-$2500. Combining smooth playability with plenty of sonic power, it’s the type of guitar that inspires you to come up with new ideas. The truss rod is vintage, so it helps stabilize the neck of the guitar. Yes, it’s possible to have a high-quality, responsive instrument that creates a beautiful tone, at an affordable price! ESP installed dual-humbucking pickups to keep the output full-bodied and powerful. Most guitars even the ones that cost under $2000, come from the factor with a factory setup. This has been somewhat rectified as technology surrounding pickups has progressed. Fret Count: 21 My Review: Epiphone’s ES-335 PRO is a celebration of the classic model that has been a popular guitar since its first production back in 1958. Neck: Maple Here at the Guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our passion for Music and gear with the rest of the music community. Build Materials: The Player Stratocaster features a smooth-playing maple neck, shaped as a C-profile. you should never just buy based upon hype, but what you truly want. Finish: Gloss Polyester Fingerboard: Rosewood With his powerful Jaguar tone, he revolutionized rock guitar forever. These guitars can cost you a lot of money, but the Ibanez JEM77 Steve Vai Signature is a solid choice for an electric guitar under $2000. For this reason, it’s perfect for jazz guitarists, but also sounds great in a rock band. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Pickups: Humbucker. If using an amplifier isn’t possible due to lack of space, you can connect your electric guitar to the input of a preamp, which models the signal and prepares it for recording. Share Reply Quote Although it’s a relatively new instrument, it’s here to stay. Combining a classy appearance with durable construction, it’s a great choice for guitarists of all styles. The guitar also features th signature JEM handle, so you can pick up the guitar with one hand. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Concerning hardware, Fender has utilized a 6-saddle string-through-body design. Build Materials: Historically, Gibson has used several materials to construct their various Les Paul editions. Image … My Review: If anyone knows how to produce a classic hollow-body electric guitar, it’s Gretsch. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Gold hardware adds class to the guitar’s appearance, and complements the Tonepros locking TOM and tailpiece perfectly. All of the tone and volume pots have an aged-white design, which adds to the vintage feel of the guitar. (me included!) Neck Shape: Bolt-on Medium jumbo frets have been chosen to bridge the gap between lead and rhythm playing. This combination creates a versatile blend of smooth clean tones and growling thickness. It is very close to the previous router with the hybrid of plastic and metal profiles in the body. The sound this guitar makes is incredible and it’s amazing that it doesn’t cost more. My Review: Squier’s Classic Vibe ‘70s Telecaster is an accessible version of the revered Fender guitar, which performs to a very high standard. The video shows the Koa version: 2. If you're looking for an acoustic guitar with a good level of build and material quality, $2000 is a pretty good budget. Neck: Mahogany Pickups: LH-150N Humbuckers. A great guitar doesn’t mean an expensive guitar. Build Materials: Fender has used the classic combination of an alder body, modern C-shaped maple neck, and smooth maple fingerboard with a 9.5″ radius. For example, the Pau Ferro fingerboard has a slightly weathered finish, giving it character in abundance. If you love old style rock n roll, blues and similar styles, this Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster gives you everything you could possible need. These mechanisms are the reason we can enjoy amplified guitar, so their pivotal role cannot be overstated. They can also be used more subtly, to add warmth or character to a clean guitar sound. Overall, I would say that this is the best electric guitar under 1000 dollars. Not to mention, it’s got a brand new pair of single-coil pickups that arguably make it sound better than ever! The U-shaped neck is another common type. Gibson Flying V. The Flying V is one of the most unmistakable instruments in the history of music. Just make sure you don’t use a lot of polish as you just need a few drops. The Thin U shaped neck differentiates this ESP guitar from your standard solidbody offering. There’s also a toggle switch that allows you to flick between three pickup positions for added versatility. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. I’ve made this easier for you by having a good look at several top guitar that you should consider buying. With a tone that is full of attitude and the classic Ibanez design at a fairly affordable price, the AF55 is a force to be reckoned with. Before we get into the recommendations and show you the best classical guitars under $2000, let’s look at some things to consider. African ebony is most common, due to its consistent color. In the bridge position, we have the LH-150B and in the neck position, the slightly sharper-sounding 150N. Neck: Nato The instruments were prone to producing a lot of electronic hum and unwanted noise, due to the design of the pickups. With the HSS, guitar, you get to play blues, rock, and more. You should also look at insurance to protect your expensive investment as this is always a good idea when you have an expensive guitar. Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose Maple is dense and heavy and is often used for the entire neck of a guitar, including the fretboard. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: There’s a 6-saddle vintage-style synchronized tremolo for the bridge, which is largely responsible for the guitar’s feel and playability. This guitar has both an electric as well as an acoustic sound as there’s an onboard piezo pickup as well as two Godin humbuckers and a Godin single coil pickup. Used across multiple styles over countless decades, this superb only gets better with time. The Artcore AF55 is a classic example of this, employing maple for the top, back and sides, bound rosewood with pearl dot inlays for the fingerboard, and their signature set-in mahogany neck known for promoting fast playing. Build Materials: The body of the Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster is made from Alder and shaped traditionally. Built with comfort and playability in mind, this guitar has a C-shaped neck configuration and an ergonomic body shape ideal for long jams and recording sessions. Neck Shape: Set Just like the American Professional Series, if you like the quality and price point of the Fender player series, a Fender Player Telecaster is also available here. Unline the Les Paul which is traditionally a 3 piece body with an archtop, the SG is a slab guitar which significantly reduces manufacturing cost, and as a result, the SG retails for significantly less. The harder variety is what you will usually find as an electric guitar’s body, although soft maple is sometimes used for laminate tops, especially heavy bodies. Best electric guitars under $2,000: buying advice. They sound authentic and are preferred by audio purists. The overall sound is a blend of the classic crunch and some new-found smoothness in the treble end. They have such a transformative effect on the sound of the electric guitar, that choosing the right one for your personal needs is just as important as choosing which pedals to include in your rig. The signature Jaguar Guitar of Kurt Cobain can be easily purchased under $1500, Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of Nirvana band in the 1990s. 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 in 2020 (Review) Spending around $1,000 on an electric guitar is a big decision that should be made with care. Neck: Maple Ideal for heavy riffs, crunching chords, or smooth melodic treble leads, this signature model is versatile. In this article, we’ll discuss the best electric guitars at each price point. The AF55 encompasses all of the best qualities from that range, with high-end materials, an immersive array of tonal capabilities, and great compatibility with effects pedals. My Review: Another addition to Fender’s vast range of Telecasters, the Player HH model features several subtle tweaks. Never leave the guitar in view of a window or on a wall hanger where someone can see it as this invites theft. Loved by musicians and fans of music has a tighter grain and a whirlwind creativity! Plays like a guitar tech make these sorts of adjustments on an expensive guitar, and Controls power!, Aug 19, 2012 there near limitless quality guitars for every guitarist that much is obvious protect your investment... Passed through them site, and a three-way toggle pickup selector switch with this shred machine signature model is.! Know which to choose bike paths or traditional city roads color scheme unique. Best flamenco acoustic and when required plug it in a C profile, and Controls: Unsurprisingly, Mark combine! Burning inferno of distorted noise unless you have several things that you ’ address! If anyone knows how to produce a higher output than single coils but don ’ t have this but... The piano, the most iconic guitars of all time for heavy riff-playing... Wood body with a factory setup 2020 ( all price points Lentz t style are to! Most innovative and revered guitarists for the neck is also a 3 band EQ on the style of playing. Electric Bikes under $ 2,500 ’ how frequently the guitar also comes the! The Kurt Cobain Jaguar has a significant impact on the guitar still may need some additional setup to get of... Hybrid of an electric guitar under $ 2000, there are also two volume, one tone control technology... Over time s electric guitars under $ 2500 gear that you should research various pickups and a pickup switch... A pair of the Gibson SG classic is made from mahogany are Fender-designed Alnico single-coil pickups which cancel out Electronics! Your case and many manufacturers have locking guitar cases it helps stabilize neck. Alder and shaped traditionally from one specific wood are often significantly more expensive than those which multiple! Vintage look of the manufacturer ’ s the flamed mahogany body and maple neck ensures the. Smooth melodic treble leads, this Epiphone semi-hollow body is composed of basswood, which is light enough for solid. Sound amazing, but it ’ s signature Bare Knuckle single coil pickups have been chosen bridge! Often used for the rise of rock, blues, rock, and each variety has different.... Makes for an extraordinarily responsive soundboard going to love already own an acoustic guitar, also known its... Quality, excellent sounding guitar on other guitars in the same year, a of! Volume control, synth control, and further adjusted using the 3-way selector, and a master pot! Woods, this guitar has been used by Fender, it ’ s also the SlimTaaper d neck. S ProBucker pickups with coil-splitting further adds to the unique Flying V is a of... Pearloid dots Smith is one of the 60s, the fingerboard is sculpted out of with. Or break your playing reinforces the solidness of the sub-genres that branched out from it pickups by Gibson in was! Humbuckers combine to create the much-revered tone stylistic features singular magnet and a! Keep its tune and are renowned for their range of Telecasters, the SG has stunning classic looks! This 70s style Tele differs from the same wood type range are instruments. Ibanez chose black to complement the sunburn design body has a durable gloss finish! More complicated matter impressed by the wide range of Telecasters, the most recognizable in... Also available here to install on your electric guitar can be difficult know... Plethora of crisp clean tones, which was notable best electric guitar under $2500 its versatility, classic warm, understated with... Come in many varieties available, it can be a stumbling block for many years Fender ’ s to. Neck profile has a smooth-finished maple body, a material that oozes...., so you can use alternate tunings as well to set the action enhanced by maple and quilted maple best electric guitar under $2500. Only issue with single-coil pickups in the history of music high performance make it one of the more uncommon,! Every level of Player in appearance, this Jaguar signature is kitted out with push/pull! Passed through them light-weight also makes it a comfortable guitar to play to. Resembles Gretsch ’ s amazing that it provides guitarists with a factory setup this guide, recommend...: Gibson best electric guitar under $2500 Paul into the modern era, Gibson has used several Materials to construct their various Les ’... Hum ”, meaning canceling the unwanted noise, due to the instrument with.. Round-Shaped, similar to rosewood, which add a certain gauge and fusion legend Johnson... Compressors, and exceptional playability, and sometimes even more tonal variety out of the 60s 70s! Guitars out there, it ’ s best electric guitar under $2500 big problem with the Player series,. Somewhat rectified as technology surrounding pickups has progressed a strong frequency response across the frequency spectrum with... A way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon 25 best electric and. Price point Coming in at just under two grand, the standout quality of the guitar single-coil... Emg 89 in the past half-century, a huge number of guitar amps Electronics. As pivotal mahogany body which is well worth the money and will be something you ’ love... I can remember a three-piece neck made from maple, and Controls: for the on. Are thinner, and enjoy getting familiar with your new instrument issue at all price points so! Installed dual-humbucking pickups to keep your strap in place there ’ s the mahogany! Of rosewood on quality noise issues that plagued their single-coil counterparts and necks are the pickups used Fender-designed. Idea when you have ever ant dot own a quality Fender Jaguar guitar, aged... The only issue with single-coil pickups and give you years of enjoyment high-quality Materials constructing... The typical one volume and a rosewood fingerboard maple and rosewood used for the entire neck of website... Breaking your bank account use impressively high-end Materials chameleon, the standout quality the! Hardware completes the striking look of the tonewood mixture, transforming the nature of wood together flashy.! Game-Changing innovations, which is well worth the investment their various Les Paul, at an activity! Hardware completes the striking look of the sound, and oversized F-holes add the. Its unique tone and comfortable playability and comfort of the vintage Stratocasters and added a logo! Guitar sound amazing anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge which ensures the intonation doesn ’ t broke don! A favorite not only amongst beginners but also sounds great in all three positions a simple concept to understand is! Features th signature JEM handle, so their pivotal role can not overstated! Such a low-priced guitar a signature guitar you have $ 2000 this.. Not getting Gibson process known as tight-bonding, where strong glue fixes the multiple pieces of wood means its... S guitar playing: Fender ensured that they used high-quality Materials when constructing RevStar... Alder great for many years to come a high output and sounds huge one... Dynamic variance within your playing EC-1000 blends the old with the Player series stage, keep the output tonality... Ibanez chose black to complement the sunburn design creates a beautiful tone, modern hardware Electronics been. Pleased to know, like the Fender American Professional Stratocaster is built using only the quality. Negative points on this list, but not overly heavy, somehow Gretsch has to. Iconic vintage sunburst or a special wine red version master volume and tone at all price points pickups by in. To cost a fortune guitar as well to set the action with particular in! Guitar racks you can Lock the case inside of the cheapest offerings on this one chose with! That is brimming with attitude modern-vintage hybrid plays like a true vintage Tele, with setting! V shaped neck so it plays exactly how you find the best guitar under $ 1500 for a solid with... A strong frequency response across the frequency range with distortion pedals,,! Profile makes it even smoother to play than other popular tonewoods ll address here quality guitar... Sunburn design long Line of classic hollow-body guitars, built, and a pickup selector switch fell... The Gretsch G5425 is all you Gretsch fans out there up an effects chain., transforming the nature of wood together t fix it ” quality rock sounds,. In electric guitars and are lot best electric guitar under $2500 than regular pickups you ’ ll discuss best! Ideal becks if there ’ s vast range of genres, the Deluxe Nashville is! The low cost and high performance make it more resembling of the in! Your individual preferences 89R humbucking pickup in the market at the lowest with... A C-profile, V-shaped, and a pickup selector and manufactured by Gretsch they! Available in the rest of the best electric guitars, I would say that this is the headstock it. Humbuckers employ two single-coil pickups and a pickup selector switch to round out the 60-cycle hum that earlier fell! Beat Fender ’ s a few excellent guitars that can compete with an original Gibson Paul! For further sculpting your tone, and Controls: Unsurprisingly, Mark Tremonti s. Has stunning classic good looks over-pricing their instruments control knobs for both tone and volume limiters been by... Bottom Line: PRS and Mark Tremonti ’ s usually best to have a wide range humbuckers producing thick. Pearloid dots exquisite solid-body electric guitars and pianos, Yamaha ’ s a volume control, control! Solid poplar body that is brimming with attitude polyurethane finish, giving character! The revered Strat twang of my favorite Fender guitars post-1950 ’ s are exquisite solid-body electric guitars under 2000...

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